A Yarn Holder for Camp

camping yarn

Throughout the summer months, we try to spend as much time as we can outdoors.  Our families LOVES going to the beach, camping, having backyard fires, canoeing, and biking to name just a few things on our list of activities to do this summer.  As summer vacation has been approaching, I’ve been working on a plan for keeping the kids entertained.  It’s clear to me that we will be spending a lot of time going from one adventure to another.  This means that my knitting will also be going from one adventure to another.  In order to keep my yarn untangled and clean, I made a yarn container to use while on the go.

These containers are great.  They are easy to make, don’t require any fancy supplies.  They can be made while on the go or in a pinch.  I consider them essential, to the summer survival of any knitter.

Here is how I made it.


Yarn holder suppliesYou will need 1 plastic bottle, a pocket knife (or scissors), and some duct tape.


1. Clean out the inside of your plastic bottle, and take the label off.  Goo Gone can be helpful for getting any remaining glue off the outside of the bottle.

2. Cut the top portion of the bottle off.  You want to look for a place where the bottle is at it’s widest so it can easily slip over the bottom portion.

3. Cut off the bottom portion of the bottle.  Here you want to find a place that is narrower than the top portion.  Make your cut so that there is a 1/2″ section that easily slips inside the lid so that the 2 portions of the bottle over lap.

4.  The cut edges can be fairly sharp. It is a good idea to cover them with duct tape so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.  The duct tape also can add a little bulk to the overlapping edges, making the lid fit snugly on top of the bottom portion.

yarn holder tapeI needed to add some bulk to the cut edges of mine, so I tore a strip of duct tape that was 1/3 of the full width of tape.  I wrapped this 1/3 section around the outside of the cut edge.  Then, I took the remaining 2/3 piece of tape, and wrapped it around the outside too (on top of the 1/3 section). There should be a portion of the duct tape sticking up beyond the plastic bottle.   Cut slits around the top portion of the tape that sticks up, and fold the tape over the cut edge.

5.  Do this again for the lid.

yarn holder top and bottom


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