Show Me You; Worship in Art

For myself, creating visual art is a form of worship.  It is a medium in which I can connect with my creator. 

We artists tend to be an emotional, sensitive and spiritual breed of people who experience an agony and an ecstasy in our souls.  Our inspiration is intense, passionate and often fleeting.  This causes us to wrestle with ourselves and with God in an effort to fully capture it’s essence before it is gone.  We crave deep spiritual connections that are made through creating art. 

I know that other artists feel the same spiritual connect that I do while creating.  I hear artists talk about it a lot.  However, I’ve noticed that most artists don’t talk about this experience in relationship to Jesus.  Even some of my closest artist friends agree with me about the spiritual connection that we both experience, but for some reason, once I relate those spiritual moments to Jesus and worship, the conversation goes quiet.  They no longer relate to me.  The idea of “enlightenment” through art is widely acknowledged.  The ideas of meditation, inner healing, and prayer easily go hand in hand with art, so why is it that when I talk about worshiping Jesus in art the conversation becomes awkward?  I ask myself, why is it easier for artists to search for answers outside the church? What do they see in other forms of spirituality that draws them in & why aren’t they finding the connections they seek in church?


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