I Promise To Write

My soul reason for being on social media is because my heart craves community.  We all do.  It’s how we are designed.  As an artist, I gain inspiration from the interactions that I have with other people.  However, social media can be a double edged sword.  On one hand, it connects me to friends new and old, near and far.  While on the other hand, it causes me dissatisfaction and frustration.  I spend my time writing what’s on my heart, and then I spend even more time crafting updates to try and maximize the number of people who will see it.  The result is a few brief interactions with friends.  Whether I’m sharing about what God is doing in my life and on my easel, or letting you know there has been an update to my Etsy shop, it is all in the hands of Facebook as to who will actually see the words I’ve written.  The bottom line is this isn’t working for me.  My heart and soul work is my artwork.  Everyday I’m inspired to create, but if people aren’t seeing my artwork, or reading what I write, then there isn’t much reason for creating.  Quite honestly, I don’t have the time or the money to play Facebook’s games in getting my content in front of my friends eyes.  So I have decided to take a different approach, connecting through mail.

I want to have the ability to connect with my friends and supporters directly.  If I am going to take the time to sit down and write what is on my heart, I want to know that you are receiving it.  So this year, I want to begin connecting with you through letters that are delivered straight to your inbox.  Joining my email list is now the BEST way to stay connected to what is going on with my artwork.  All of my most recent updates, and special offers on artwork, workshops, and retreats (also new in 2015!) will be sent out to my email list.

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The Fiber Nest

As I wrote before, 2013 marks a new beginning for me & this blog.  Along with this new beginning, has come a new name, The Fiber Nest.  I thought I would share with you a little background to this name.

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nestI first learned to knit about 10 years ago from my grandmother.  She was living in Texas at the time, and had come home to Indiana for a visit.  She taught me how to cast on, knit, & purl. I learned it all in a short period of time before  my grandmother was to return to Texas.  I loved the craft from the very start and stuck with it as well as I could not having my teacher near me for refreshers.

Shortly after, my husband had discovered a very unique knit shop in our hometown.  Wanting to support my endeavors in this new hobby, he very sweetly got me a gift certificate & took me in to check out the store.  He was so excited to introduce me to the shop owner Kim.

As I looked around the store, I became breathless with inspiration.  Kim’s displays of fiber were magical, and she carried the most beautiful knitting needles I had ever seen. I remember my husband was trying to pull me out of my awestruck stuper by engaging me into a conversation with Kim.  I can’t remember what my husband had said, but I can remember my comment, “nah, I can’t make these things, I only know how to knit & purl.” Kim replied “well, that is all that you need to know how to do!”  That comment ignited a fire within me.  It opened a door to a whole new world of knitting possibility. That day I bought some beautiful Lantern Moon needles, a few skeins of yarns & left with an open invitation to stop by anytime to knit.

I went back on a regular basis to gather together with the other knitters & knit.  I learned a lot from those knitting circles about knitting, & about life. The farther along I got in my pregnancy, the more time I spent there.  Kim had become a good friend & a knitting mentor to me. Today the store no longer exists, but our relationship has grown to feel more like family than friends.  The name of this store was The Fiber Nest.



 The Fiber Nest is an emerging fiber arts blog that celebrates the ancient traditions of handcrafts as well modern expressions of fiber art. Here you will find tutorials, DIYs, inspirational stories & interviews. I believe that fiber art is a form of self expression, therefore, I encourage others to play, experiment & discover a freedom to “knit outside the box”.
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