Round up: Beach Bags

While spending summer days in 50 degree weather up north, I was thinking about the much warmer days I would enjoy when returning home, and dreaming of the beach days that were sure to come!
Beach Bags

1. Rue Mouffetard Bag by Pam Allen

2. Montauk Beach Bag by Suzy Allen

3. Missing Piece Hobo Bag by Norah Gaughan

4. Not a Sandy Bottom by Dorothy Dean

Which is your favorite?


How can you not want to follow this climb?

This is a group of Arab climbers who are working to raise 1 million dollars for Nepali education projects. Check out their website and get to know the climbers. They will be pushing for the summit in just 1 week!

I wonder how these climbers will feel after the climb?

My Needle Cabinet

I love to go thrift store shopping. It is not uncommon for me to spend a couple hours scouring just one thrift store. I love the hunt. I’ll park myself in an isle & crouch down low to dig at the back of the shelves where other shoppers might take a glance down, but usually walk right past.  That is where the good stuff is hidden. But that is not where I found this. This cabinet was setting on table near the cash register. I glanced over in that direction in search of a clock & there it was. From across the room, I heard it call my name.  I made a beeline over to the table & scooped it up in my arms. It was love at first sight.
knitting cabinetToday, this perfectly rustic cabinet sets on my shelf & proudly holds all of my knitting tools.

drawer 1

drawer 2It’s drawers are the perfect size for storing all my knitting needles.  This is my collection of needles made by Joes Fiber Tool.

Drawer 3I realize this may not be the most efficient way to organize my knitting needles.  The truth is, I love all of my needles, I like to look at them, I like how they feel, & I enjoy digging through them to find the right needle that I need. I’ve seen all kinds of different ways that people have their needles organized, but having ADD, I know that none of those systems would work for me.  I’m a dump & run kind of girl, so this is what works best for me.  How do you keep your knitting needles organized?

Beans for Brains

postcardjimmy beans wool has created a scholarship program for knitters/crocheters/sewers! The application to apply will be posted to their website on March 1. Applications will only be accepted through March 31, so don’t delay your entry.

I am so excited about this opportunity.  I never finished school, but have often thought about going back. It’s always the expense that keeps me from pursuing a higher education. This is something that I definitely will be pursuing in the future.  Maybe next year I’ll be ready.

New Product

IMG_0148What?! You say you’ve never heard of curved knitting needles before? Well, that is because Joe over at Joe’s Fiber Tools is the first to make them, & the only place to get them is right here in the shop!



The curves are a new product & I have to say I LOVE them. They feel so natural in my hands.  The curve puts my hands at a more comfortable angle & the ends of my needles are no longer constantly hitting whoever or whatever is around me.  Being a mom with 2 kids & a cat that is kind of important to me.  I don’t often have much room surrounding my lap.

To order a pair for yourself (or for a friend) visit the shop!

Don’t forget I still have a Valentine Truffles Giveaway going on.  To enter, just click the “Follow The Fiber Nest” button on the side bar. Once lucky follower will will 6 truffles!

Santa baby . . .

. . . slip some needles under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

This year for the holidays I am introducing these fabulous Santa Knitting Needles to the shop. They are fantastic.  Each set has been masterfully crafted using Blood wood & Maple to create a striped effect. Each set includes 1 needle with a Blood Wood cap & 1 needle with a Maple cap.

There are only 8 of these special edition knitting needle left. So place your orders now!

Also, on Monday, Honey over at Mondorfment is hosting a give away for one of my portable weaving looms.  If you would like to have a chance at winning one of these, make sure to remember to hop on over & sign up!