Tibetan Fairisle

This summer when Bret was in the U.S. he brought me a teaser of the new colored yarns that The Rocking Yak is producing for 2013.  They are fabulous!  The green yarn has been dyed with local plants found on the mountains in the region that we work in, while indigo was used in dying the blue.  I knew right away that I wanted to knit up something special for myself with the new yarns.  I rarely knit for myself.  Isn’t that how it always is with knitters.  Anyway, as the weather began to get cooler, I started looking around Ravelry to find something to knit.  I found this free fairisle hat pattern which inspired me to create a hat with my own design.  I wanted the hat to have a Tibetan design. Here is some of the colorwork I’m working on.  This is a sample swatch that I’m knitting up as I work out the designs.

>>>> warm fall colors

I was going through my stash of yarns and came across 4 skeins of this fabulous yarn from Manos del Uruguay.  I love how the colors match the trees outside my windows.  I had made a sweater with this yarn shortly after my son was born over 7 years ago. I wore the sweater a few times before my sweet husband placed it in the drier while helping me with the laundry.  Of coarse it felted, so I passed it on to a good (much smaller than me) friend.  It became her favorite sweater that was well loved & I was happy to have given it to her.  I hear this yarn calling to me again.

fabric with soul


Why do we bother to take so much time and labor actually knitting something when there are so many good machine knitwears? They are durable, inexpensive…
Because, we must stubbornly believe that all the care our hands give to each and every stitch creates something more than just a “look.”  It may be subtle, but we know when we wear and touch a hand knit item, we can feel the thoughts of the person, who made it. It becomes a companion that ages with us, and shares with us a history. It is a fabric with soul.


~ inspired by Habu Textiles

Autumn Knitting

As the weather here is turning colder, and the leaves begin to show their brilliant display, I find that I am once again feeling a draw towards my knitting.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do knit year around of course – but once fall comes around, I find it easier and easier to spend my entire day needles in hand.  This can cause a problem for the amount of house work that then accumulates around me.  Today for instance, I was going to focus getting all the laundry finished, and all or our floors cleaned.  However, once I started looking at fall knit-ware, I was unable to pull myself away.  Can you blame me?  Take a look at some of the inspiring & fun knitting patterns I found.

Interweave Knits; Fall 2007
The Sitting Tree
Joji Locatelli
free french pattern/translation please!
the Purl bee
Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2011
Vogue Knitting fall 2012
Ysolda Teague
by Celery Stalk
Pixie Bell
Carmen Rigby

baby Isla


I made this blanket for a friend who had a baby over the summer. I used Jared Flood’s pattern Hemlock Ring (FREE on Ravelry!) with some stash yarn.  I’m sorry, I can’t remember what it is. This is my favorite blanket pattern.  I have to start the pattern when I am alone and without any distractions.  The center flower section is pretty easy to get messed up on if I’m distracted. The feather and fan section of the blanket I now have memorized so I can travel with the project. I also don’t knit the entire blanket when I’m making it a baby blanket.

I made two and given both away as baby blankets. Next, I want to make full sized blanket (in yak of course!) for our home.


Along with the blanket I made this fantastic baby sweater. I used Kelly Brooker’s pattern Puerprium Cardigan (also FREE on Ravelry). I was able to this knit up in a day with Caron Spa (a bamboo blend) yarn. I think this will be my stand by for hand knit baby gifts.

knitted tissue cozy

IMG_0039 copy
mka101536_wi08_tissue_lAs I was looking for some handmade stocking stuffer ideas on Pintrest, I came across these felt hankie holders made by Martha Stewart.

It gave me the idea to create some knitted ones.  Here is a pattern I came up with while making some.


worsted weight stash yarn in 2 (or more) colors (or any yarn that you prefer for the project)

a pair of straight needles US9 ( or an appropriate size for your preferred yarn)

a yarn needle


i-cord co front

Using an i-cord cast on, cast on 20 stitches in the contrasting color (cc).

IMG_0028Switch to the main color (mc) yarn and knit in stockinette stitch for 6.5″ ending with a knit row.

With the cc yarn purl on row.

icord BO frontBind off using an i-cord bind off.

Turn the knitting wrong side out and fold so that the two i-cords overlap slightly in the center and sew the top & bottom shut with a mattress stitch.

Weave in all the loose ends.

Embellish with a crocheted edging, or embroidered designs.  You could also add some ribbon or buttons.

boys tissue cozy