New Product

IMG_0148What?! You say you’ve never heard of curved knitting needles before? Well, that is because Joe over at Joe’s Fiber Tools is the first to make them, & the only place to get them is right here in the shop!



The curves are a new product & I have to say I LOVE them. They feel so natural in my hands.  The curve puts my hands at a more comfortable angle & the ends of my needles are no longer constantly hitting whoever or whatever is around me.  Being a mom with 2 kids & a cat that is kind of important to me.  I don’t often have much room surrounding my lap.

To order a pair for yourself (or for a friend) visit the shop!

Don’t forget I still have a Valentine Truffles Giveaway going on.  To enter, just click the “Follow The Fiber Nest” button on the side bar. Once lucky follower will will 6 truffles!

Indigo Blue & Plant Dyed Yellow

It’s the New Year & as promised, The Rocking Yak now has colored yarns available!


The first of the colors to arrive are indigo blue, & a plant dyed yellow.  All of The Rocking Yak’s colored yarns have been dyed with natural plant dyes that are found locally on the Tibetan Plateau.

yellowIndigo yarn copy

You, dear reader,  have the opportunity to purchase this fabulous yarn before it available on the website! As I am working at sorting through this first shipment, I will be taking orders at

The Fiber Nest Shop.

You will also find that we’ve reduced the price on all of our yarns!!

The Hobbit

Ori's fingerless mittens

Over the holidays my husband and I went to go see The Hobbit.  It had been far too long since the 2 of us went to see a good movie & I LOVED every minute of it. Just as in The Lord of the Rings everything about the film was great.  It pulled me in, sparked my imagination, and of all things, inspired me to knit!  The costumes in this movie were fabulously hand knit.  I left the theater with about 4 new knitting patterns swimming in my head.  I hope to complete these 4 designs and create a series of patterns from The Hobbit.  The first pattern is for a pair of fingerless mittens that Ori the dwarf wears.  The pattern can be purchased here.

Santa baby . . .

. . . slip some needles under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

This year for the holidays I am introducing these fabulous Santa Knitting Needles to the shop. They are fantastic.  Each set has been masterfully crafted using Blood wood & Maple to create a striped effect. Each set includes 1 needle with a Blood Wood cap & 1 needle with a Maple cap.

There are only 8 of these special edition knitting needle left. So place your orders now!

Also, on Monday, Honey over at Mondorfment is hosting a give away for one of my portable weaving looms.  If you would like to have a chance at winning one of these, make sure to remember to hop on over & sign up!