Hello February . . .

February“One month is past, another is begun,
Since merry bells rang out the dying year,
And buds of rarest green began to peer,As if impatient for a warmer sun;
And though the distant hills are bleak and dun,
The virgin snowdrop like a lambert fire,
Pierces the cold earth with its green-streaked spire
And in dark woods, the wandering little one
May find a primrose.”
February 1st, 1842
Hartley Coleridge

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Some things I am looking forward to . . .

February 7 – 23:  2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 21 – March 4:  Fur Rondy & The Iditarod (March 1)

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photo credits :  french knot, lark & linen, style me pretty, fanci taste, counting stone sheep, Design Sponge, Puppy chow

Creation from an artist’s point of view

While in Alaska, I was often in awe over the beauty that surrounded me.  From the rocky mountains, to the lush forest, to the icy glacier fed creeks, it is all magnificent and so very different than what I typically see in the Midwest. I found myself thinking about how much God must have enjoyed creating it all.

DSC_0622It causes me to believe that God did not rushed through the creation of life in just 6 days.  For just as I find joy in creating art, I know that God too finds great joy in creating.  I believe that  just like any master artist, God took His time enjoying each step of the process.  He let His creativity run wild, and in artistic abandonment He formed Earth.

Fireweed at Exit Glacier

flower-glacierAs the glacier at Kenai Fjords continues to recede, it leaves in it’s wake a desolate landscape of steep cliffs and jagged rocks.  However, over time, plants do begin to grow, and Fireweed is one of the first plants to lay down roots.

Whittier, Alaska

Whittier HarbourWhittier is a small fishing community hidden behind the mountains.  There is only one way in and out of this village and that is by a one-way tunnel that is shared by vehicles and the train.




BarraksAt one time the village was a secret military base.  There is an old WWII army barracks that still remains.

5FLOORSOFFURY from Doom/Love on Vimeo.

The Yupik Tradition

Show Respect to others

Each person has a special gift

share what you have

Giving makes you richer

Know who you are

you are a reflection on your family

Accept what life brings

You cannot control many things

Have patience

some things cannot be rushed

Live carefully

What you do will come back to you

Take care of others

You cannot live without them

Honor your elder

They show you the way in life

Pray for guidance

Many things are not known

See connections

All things are related