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Welcome to my new website & blog!  I’m glad to have you here.  Take a look around, make yourself at home, enjoy!

This week I am giving away a custom framed 8×10 print of my watercolor painting Zinnias. 

This painting was inspired by a trip I took to the Calendar Garden near by.  I had noticed all of the repeat patterns found in flowers, and it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes.


It is possible that God says every morning, “Do it again” to the sun; and every evening, “Do it again” to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that god makes every daisy separately but has never got tired of making them. . . . The repetition in Nature may not be mere recurrence; it may be a theatrical encore.

— G. K. Chesterton

There are 3 ways to win this print.

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3. Stop by my Facebook page & leave a comment telling me you “Did it”,

Do all three and you could have 3 chances to win the print!

The winner will be randomly selected from the followers of one of these sites (blog, pintrest, facebook) on Friday.

Happy Monday !


Show Me You; Worship in Art

For myself, creating visual art is a form of worship.  It is a medium in which I can connect with my creator. 

We artists tend to be an emotional, sensitive and spiritual breed of people who experience an agony and an ecstasy in our souls.  Our inspiration is intense, passionate and often fleeting.  This causes us to wrestle with ourselves and with God in an effort to fully capture it’s essence before it is gone.  We crave deep spiritual connections that are made through creating art. 

I know that other artists feel the same spiritual connect that I do while creating.  I hear artists talk about it a lot.  However, I’ve noticed that most artists don’t talk about this experience in relationship to Jesus.  Even some of my closest artist friends agree with me about the spiritual connection that we both experience, but for some reason, once I relate those spiritual moments to Jesus and worship, the conversation goes quiet.  They no longer relate to me.  The idea of “enlightenment” through art is widely acknowledged.  The ideas of meditation, inner healing, and prayer easily go hand in hand with art, so why is it that when I talk about worshiping Jesus in art the conversation becomes awkward?  I ask myself, why is it easier for artists to search for answers outside the church? What do they see in other forms of spirituality that draws them in & why aren’t they finding the connections they seek in church?

My Needle Cabinet

I love to go thrift store shopping. It is not uncommon for me to spend a couple hours scouring just one thrift store. I love the hunt. I’ll park myself in an isle & crouch down low to dig at the back of the shelves where other shoppers might take a glance down, but usually walk right past.  That is where the good stuff is hidden. But that is not where I found this. This cabinet was setting on table near the cash register. I glanced over in that direction in search of a clock & there it was. From across the room, I heard it call my name.  I made a beeline over to the table & scooped it up in my arms. It was love at first sight.
knitting cabinetToday, this perfectly rustic cabinet sets on my shelf & proudly holds all of my knitting tools.

drawer 1

drawer 2It’s drawers are the perfect size for storing all my knitting needles.  This is my collection of needles made by Joes Fiber Tool.

Drawer 3I realize this may not be the most efficient way to organize my knitting needles.  The truth is, I love all of my needles, I like to look at them, I like how they feel, & I enjoy digging through them to find the right needle that I need. I’ve seen all kinds of different ways that people have their needles organized, but having ADD, I know that none of those systems would work for me.  I’m a dump & run kind of girl, so this is what works best for me.  How do you keep your knitting needles organized?

TKGA Master Knitters Level 1: Swatches 1-3

7956973104_a65e1ed837_zAt the beginning of 2012, I decided that I wanted to test my knitting skills by enrolling in TKGA’s Masters Program for Hand Knitting.  I recruited a friend to join me & in March we both began.  She has finished the first level & passed.  I, on the other hand, have been dragging my feet to get everything I need completed.  I am about 3/4 of the way through, & I really just need to buckle down & finish it.   Maybe by writing about the program here, I will find the motivation that I need.

When I first received the program in the mail & started reading through it, I felt overwhelmed & unsure about where & how to begin.  If I hadn’t been working through the program with a friend, I would have struggled & probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it much.  Having someone to talk to about the program, & to work together made a big difference for me. There are questions that my friend & I asked each other, & we scoured the internet together for examples from others who have also worked through the program. I want to be that resource for others.  In this series I will describe what skills a knitter needs to know about & helpful resources that can be used in answering the questions. I will  share pictures of my swatches, & the feedback I receive after my swatches have been reviewed. I hope that this series will be a companion for those working through the program.

Swatches 1- 3  show that you are familiar with Long Tail Cast On, Garter, Stockinette, Seed Stitch & Ribbing, as well as, binding off in pattern.  You will need to know the difference between the right & wrong sides, be able to determine gauge, maintain consistent tension, & how to correct tensions problems.

*The articles “More Thoughts on Gauge.”  by Binka Schwan, (Cast On May-July 2010: 65-69) & “Tension Problems” by Arenda Holladay, (Cast On Feb-April 2009: 1-3) are 2 helpful resources when answering questions about these first 3 swatches.

*These articles are only available to TKGA members.