Mural Pricing

Every mural project is different and therefore requires consultation for an estimate.
Upon meeting, a rough concept drawing is made and given along with a quote for the client’s approval. Once the concept drawing is approved, and 50% of the quoted price is paid, the final edits to the artwork are made and the mural is scheduled to be painted. The remaining 50% of the quoted price will be due upon completion of the mural.
There several factors that are considered when making a quote. These are described below to help you better understand the pricing.
Mural surface
What type of surface the mural is getting painted on is a factor that is considered. Flat, smooth surfaces such as drywall, Sheetrock, or plaster are easier to paint on than cinder block, concrete or wood walls. Some surfaces require more paint to cover and are harder on paint brushes which may need replacing throughout the project.  The condition of the wall surface is also considered to determine if additional wall preparations are needed that may require additional supplies.
Mural placement
Murals that are located outdoors require a different process than murals that are indoors. Also, if a mural is elevated off the ground or otherwise hard to reach, additional equipment may need to be rented.
Square footage
Projects are priced according to the size of the mural. At this time, there is not a minimum size for a mural.  However, if travel is required, this could change.   Murals that cover the side of a building  require different equipment and have a different pricing structure.
The amount of detail in the artwork is a factor in determining the price per square foot. For instance a black/white mandala design will cost less than a colored mandala of the same size with shading and detailed flowers.
Mural sized paintings
Murals are not always painted directly onto a wall. Artwork can be painted onto a mural sized canvas, or wooden panels and then hung on a wall. The benefits to this options are that the artwork can be painted in my studio making it convenient for me to paint, and finished artwork can easily be moved to other locations in the future.
If you would like to schedule a consultation meeting &/or receive a quote for a project, please contact me.  I am excited to create something unique for you.