I Wish You Were Here

Winter 2 It is the beginning of March and there is still snow on the ground.  It’s not the soft fluffy kind that calls you to come out and play, but the dirty, mushy kind that gets everything wet with mud.  Spring is still 20 days away. People who live around here, pack their bags and head south whenever possible.  We all crave warmer weather and sunshine.  My Facebook page and Instagram feed are full of photographs from people on vacation who are soaking up the sun, wishing I was with them.  I wish I was there too.   My head is in the clouds as my search engine processes my requests for workaway, couchsurfing, expedia and maps. Last week, I was driving through a winter storm to my sister’s house. On my way there, I received 4 texts with photos from people who are away visiting warmer locations.  It was enough to make me want to cry.  The restlessness is more than I can handle.  I’m not a pleasant person to be around these days and something needs change.  I realize the only thing I CAN change is my attitude. In an attempt to cure my winter time blues, I am starting a new series of blog posts entitled “I Wish You Were Here”.   As I continue to focus on being more present in my daily life, I am challenging myself to stop wishing I was someplace else, and to enjoy being where I am at.  Think of these posts as a postcard from me to you. I am here, enjoying where I am at and wishing you were here.


Hello March . . .

MarchMarch is has got to be my least favorite month of the year.  It is a time of restless cabin fever, with temperatures changing from bitter cold to warm, to cold again.  This is the time of year when I feel the most restless.  I become discontent.  I dream of traveling.  I start to set lofty goals and then rearranging the furniture, as my frustration builds.  My skin starts to crawl and I want to climb the walls.   I am so ready to feel warmth as the  sun touches my skin.  Thankfully there are a few things to look forward to as March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.

Some things I’m looking forward to . . .

March 1: my 34th birthday

March 11: the 10th birthday for my favorite girl

March 20: the first day of SPRING!

photo credits: sprinkle bakes, le luxe detre soi, jay harrison, bird chick, jon fowler, live lighter, & make peace arts