Walls that heal the soul

Mural: St. Joseph Regional Medical Center; Oncology
Mural: St. Joseph Regional Medical Center; Oncology

“Where other medical units have a need to invest in new robotics for patient care, Oncology does not have that need.  I am investing in art on the walls that heal the soul.”

~ Amelia Taggart, Director of Oncology

Art can offer healing to the soul, a place where medicine can not reach.  It can offer encouragement and renews hope when words fail to do so.  It speaks not only to patients, but to their family members as well.  For this reason, art is a powerful resource in providing comfort and peace.

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Sick Days

I just love it when the kids at school are so willing to share . . .

This week my children brought home with them strep throat & have been ever so generous in sharing it with dad & I.  My day Wednesday was cut short by a teeth grinding migraine. Thursday found me with a lingering headache & a flaming sore throat.  My daughter was up the entire night crying with an earache.  You know it’s bad when your 9 yr old is waking you up every hr with crying all night long.  Friday morning we went to the doctor first thing when the office opened.  The poor thing has an ear infection & strep throat. She finally did sleep – most of the day, which was great because then I too could catch up on knitting, sleep.


I have found that I have a love-hate relationship with illness. On one hand it isn’t any fun to feel crummy, but on the other hand, I love the slower pace that it allows for. I don’t one bit, mind laying in bed for a day knitting & drinking chai tea. I don’t mind how my children find it within themselves to “get along” in order to help mom. And, I certainly don’t mind being left alone in my quiet room to knit I mean rest in order to get well again. Today, I am feeling much better.

Since this is the time of year when people seem to feel under the weather, I though I would share a recipe for my favorite chia tea concentrate.


IMG_0096What is your comfort food for days when you are feeling under the weather?