Dare to dream BIG

897a251cd8c481659abfeed591332e97I’ve been told a time or two that my dreams are too big. The thing that people seem to forget is that my God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts!

I use to dream about working from home as an artist.  I was told that dream was too big.

I use to dream about reaching out to Tibetan villagers through my knitting. I was told that dream was too big.

Now, I dream about seeing the world with my family.  I’ve been told that dream is too big.  It is the cry of my heart to see all that God has created.  I look at my life, which has been full of  LARGE dreams coming true, and I believe that in time, this too will become a reality.


You are my dream come true . . .

dream catcher copyThe past 16 months have been a struggle in our home, & even though our relationships with each other have remained strong, it hasn’t always been easy to appreciate each other.  It is hard to express your love to others when you are unhappy & it’s easy to take your family for granted.

As I thought about what I wanted to give to my valentines this year, I thought about how fortunate I am to have a loving, supportive husband.  I thought about how lucky we are to have 2 beautiful, healthy children who challenge us & cause us to grow, becoming better people in the end.  I thought about when I was younger, how I would dream about my future family & wonder what it would be like to have a husband & children of my own.  Now that I am here, I find myself extremely grateful for the ones in my life that I call my family, and even though our life together is by no means perfect, they are my dream come true.

I wanted to find a creative way to express this to my family, so I made each one a dream catcher.  This is the one that I made for my husband. It is for both of us really. I made it with our wedding & our life together in mind.

The hoop is made from Wisteria vines. Our Wisteria is one of the first trees we planted in our yard after purchasing our home.

IMG_0207I tied the webbing with hemp & added some “Indian beads” that I found on the beach of Lake Michigan.  I also added a piece of drift wood and some sea gull feathers that I had gathered from up there.  The lake has always been a significant place to us.  We had some of our first dates up on the lake & we had our wedding ceremony there on the beach as well.

I had a few pieces of broken stalks from the bouquet of orchids that I carried down the isle. Those were tied together & added to the dream catcher.IMG_0204

The strips of fabric are a sheer white fabric that I cut from my wedding dress & a smokey silk from a bridesmaid dress.

The orchids too, were taken off of my wedding dress.  These things were just getting dusty  hanging in my closet for years.  I find this to be a much better way to honor these sacred textiles.

Hawks are one of my husband’s favorite birds.  It is symbolic to him.  A close friend to him noticed that our family collects feathers, & gave us some hawk feathers that he had found. This was a meaningful gift to my husband so I added one of these feathers to the dream catcher as well.

All said & done, it took me 2 days to create this dream catcher. I loved the hours I spent making it, the quiet time I spent reflecting on our marriage & the memories that came to mind.  I love all the symbols with their  significance only known by my love & I.

I’m not usually one to get hyped up over Valentine’s Day, but this year it was a meaningful day. I was excited to give everyone their gifts & they all seemed to enjoy the dream catchers.IMG_0209