Lotus in Snow


The lotus is a flower that is rooted at the bottom of miry water.  It shows great determination as it forces its way up through the darkness until it finally emerges into the sunlight and blooms as a beautiful flower.

The lotus flower becomes a symbol of perseverance, overcoming, and survival as the miry water is often related to a dark trial in life.  Encouragement comes in the hope that at the end, a person will be met with the joy of the sunshine and will bloom as the beautiful lotus flower.

8×8 prints of this original artwork are available now, but only through my campaign Healing Souls on the Road!

Walls that heal the soul

Mural: St. Joseph Regional Medical Center; Oncology
Mural: St. Joseph Regional Medical Center; Oncology

“Where other medical units have a need to invest in new robotics for patient care, Oncology does not have that need.  I am investing in art on the walls that heal the soul.”

~ Amelia Taggart, Director of Oncology

Art can offer healing to the soul, a place where medicine can not reach.  It can offer encouragement and renews hope when words fail to do so.  It speaks not only to patients, but to their family members as well.  For this reason, art is a powerful resource in providing comfort and peace.

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