Winter knitting

With snow covering the ground, I have been spending more time with my needles in hand. I’ve enjoyed creating a collection of patterns & designs that have inspired my winter knitting. What has inspired your knitting this season?
Winter Knitting Collage copy

1. Heliconian by Pam Powers

2.  Tiny White Daisies

3.  Thrummed Mittens by Helene Driesen

4.  Montera Embroidered Button Jacket by Pam Allen

5.  Seed Stitch Tall Cowl by Diana at Knit & Bake

6.  Shades of Winter by Ewa K. Andinsson & Ingalill Johansson

7. Ondori Winter Knitting Goods

8.  Small & Clever by Pickles

9.  Cottage Sock Slippers by Lion Brand Yarns

10.  Bird House by Marie Claire *french pattern

11. Malabrigo Loafers by Julie Weisenberger

12.  Bulky Hat by Eveli Kaur


Autumn Knitting

As the weather here is turning colder, and the leaves begin to show their brilliant display, I find that I am once again feeling a draw towards my knitting.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do knit year around of course – but once fall comes around, I find it easier and easier to spend my entire day needles in hand.  This can cause a problem for the amount of house work that then accumulates around me.  Today for instance, I was going to focus getting all the laundry finished, and all or our floors cleaned.  However, once I started looking at fall knit-ware, I was unable to pull myself away.  Can you blame me?  Take a look at some of the inspiring & fun knitting patterns I found.

Interweave Knits; Fall 2007
The Sitting Tree
Joji Locatelli
free french pattern/translation please!
the Purl bee
Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2011
Vogue Knitting fall 2012
Ysolda Teague
by Celery Stalk
Pixie Bell
Carmen Rigby