Arabs with Altitude Update

A couple weeks ago, I shared a fun youtube video produced by the Arabs With Altitude expedition team to Everest.  It was a fun a little video the team made at the start of their expedition.

I wanted to share with you an update of their historic summit.

The team made it to the summit of Mt. Everest on 5/21.  I am excited for all of them. Climbing Mt. Everest is a huge feat, but I am especially proud of Raha Moharrak, the first Arab woman to climb Mt. Everest.


While we’re on the topic of Mt. Everest, (I’ve been a little obsessed with the mountain lately.  I get like that sometimes), another great expedition that took place at the same time as Arabs With Altitude, is the United States Air Force 7 Summits Challenge.  This group of airmen climbers also reached the summit of Mt. Everest last week, 2 days earlier. You can read about their experience here.

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Just for fun > > > I found this free pattern for a chalk bag!IMG_2019_medium



mandala-new-beginning-websI was looking around on Etsy the other day, when I discovered MandalaArtByCloe.  I was immediately drawn in by the bright colors, and contrasting designs of these mandalas.

mandala-create-1The artist, Cloe lives in Amsterdam.  Her hand woven mandalas are inspired by the ancient mandalas of Tibet and Mexico where mandalas have been used for their calming effects on the mind.

earth-mandala2-copyThe icing on the cake for me, is the knowledge that a portion of every sale is given for the support of a Tibetan family and their guesthouse in Nepal.

lily-mandalaGo check out her website Art by Cloe!

How can you not want to follow this climb?

This is a group of Arab climbers who are working to raise 1 million dollars for Nepali education projects. Check out their website and get to know the climbers. They will be pushing for the summit in just 1 week!

I wonder how these climbers will feel after the climb?