I Promise To Write

My soul reason for being on social media is because my heart craves community.  We all do.  It’s how we are designed.  As an artist, I gain inspiration from the interactions that I have with other people.  However, social media can be a double edged sword.  On one hand, it connects me to friends new and old, near and far.  While on the other hand, it causes me dissatisfaction and frustration.  I spend my time writing what’s on my heart, and then I spend even more time crafting updates to try and maximize the number of people who will see it.  The result is a few brief interactions with friends.  Whether I’m sharing about what God is doing in my life and on my easel, or letting you know there has been an update to my Etsy shop, it is all in the hands of Facebook as to who will actually see the words I’ve written.  The bottom line is this isn’t working for me.  My heart and soul work is my artwork.  Everyday I’m inspired to create, but if people aren’t seeing my artwork, or reading what I write, then there isn’t much reason for creating.  Quite honestly, I don’t have the time or the money to play Facebook’s games in getting my content in front of my friends eyes.  So I have decided to take a different approach, connecting through mail.

I want to have the ability to connect with my friends and supporters directly.  If I am going to take the time to sit down and write what is on my heart, I want to know that you are receiving it.  So this year, I want to begin connecting with you through letters that are delivered straight to your inbox.  Joining my email list is now the BEST way to stay connected to what is going on with my artwork.  All of my most recent updates, and special offers on artwork, workshops, and retreats (also new in 2015!) will be sent out to my email list.

How do you join my email list?  If you look over in the left-hand sidebar you will find a green button prompting you sign up.

If you don’t want to miss out (and trust me – you don’t), then sign up!