Every year I go through a period of time when I am beside myself with wanderlust. I just need to go somewhere – anywhere.  I want to be outside, exploring.  I want to hit the road and simply roam.   This desire of mine has gown more and more intense over the years as I see our family moving closer and closer to reaching our dream of traveling together.

Wanderlust was painted during a time when my feet most fervently needed to wander.

Limited edition 11×14 prints of this painting are now available, but only through my campaign, Healing Souls on the Road!



Check out this amazing yak made by a team of artists for the Icelandic songstress Bjork.

“It was no easy feat to create the yak. Inside, it fits three people and hand-operated mechanical pull devices that control the movements of the eyes, tongue, and other parts. The team used found materials — including moss from Björk’s country home upstate, and shaved wool, which was glued to foam pieces — to give the coat an organic quality.”                                    – New York Sun

You can see the yak in action in Björk’s music video of Wanderlust.

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