Pentel Aquash Brush

aquashWater color painting is something that I’ve wanted to learn more about for a long time.  I’ve done a lot of painting with acrylics, but every time I’ve tried to play around with watercolors, it has been a frustrating experience.  It’s taken me awhile to appreciate the fluid characteristics of watercolors, but I still have not been able to find a level of control and comfort when using these paints until now.

Recently, I purchased an aquash brush made by Pentel, and have been playing around with it  in my journal.  Already, I feel like I have better control with my brush strokes, and  more consistent colors.  I went out and bought 2 more so that the kids could each use one while we were in Alaska.  They too have been painting more often and have grown in their skills.  I love how easy it is to pack up all that we need for painting on the go.  The kids can even paint in the back seat of the car, & I don’t worry about finding a big mess later.

Warren Dunes