Journal Page: “Brushes dipped in praise . . .”

Brushes dipped in praiseI’ve been looking again at the power of worship, and what happens in the heavens when we praise God.

“[Worship] … is considered an attack on the enemy because it carries the Light of the presence of God.  When the Light of His presence goes forth into the atmosphere, it pierces the darkness, proclaims victory to the captive, heals the sick, binds up the brokenhearted and proclaims the year of the Lord!”

– Unlocking the Heart of the Artist by Matt Tommey

Did you know that art created as an out pouring of praise & worship can do that?

As I continue to think about creating art as a form of worship, I feel greatly inspired, & empowered.

With our brushes dipped in praise,

let our colors be the light that pierces the darkness.


Show Me You

quite franklyMandy of Messy Canvas shared this statement on Facebook about a month ago.  After reading the conversation in the comments section and because of my own personal experiences, the words resonated deep within me, and I have not been able to stop thinking about them.

It reminds me of a season in my life that found me starving for authentic relationships.  I was frustrated with the people around me who were unwilling to meet me where I was at.  If I wanted to have any type of friendship, it was going to have to be an at-church-only kind  of relationship. They were not willing to meet me for coffee to share our hearts, or to talk about what God was doing in our lives. If I wanted to see them, I had to go to a church meeting (they had meetings every night of the week).  Then, of coarse, there was an agenda for that meeting.  Agenda is good, and there should be an agenda at church.  However, I desperately wanted someone to be my friend outside of that.  In that time, I wanted to see people.  I wanted to share my humanity with another humans and relate with each other in those struggles.  I didn’t want to go to church again and again to hear another salvation message. I didn’t want to see “their Jesus” – I wanted to see them, to get to know them, & to have a genuine friendship.  This quote reminds me of the importance of meeting people where they are at. Coming to them as another human who also struggles and wrestles with God and be willing to walk along side of them.

In reflecting on this FB status I wonder, why as an artists, is it so difficult to find meaningful connection in the church?



I found freedom in worship

I have always considered myself an artist.

Every child thinks of themself as an artist.

orange flower

I was 13 when I realized that I really could actually draw when I applied myself.

Then, in high school, drawing became my demise academically.

High School artwork

I have had no other ambition in life other than to create.

Art has been one of my greatest joys.  Images move me deep down inside & my expressions most often come as colors and lines.  Art has also caused me great frustration & longing as my hands long to create, but the inspiration isn’t there.

I have experienced fear that my artwork won’t be enough.  That when I am finished, it won’t reveal the message I want it to express. I have feared that others will find my work dumb, and my ability lacking.  I have feared imperfection.  So, over the years, I have learned to silence my inner cravings to create art.

yellow flower

Recently however, I have been walking through a season of renewal.  A fire has been lit inside of me, a passion to explore art as a form of worship.  I have given myself permission to create as an outpouring of myself before God, & in doing so, I have experienced freedom.  In this place of worship, I am safe to just be me.  There is room for imperfection, because I am not perfect.  I am no longer searching for others to approve of  my artwork because my art is not meant for them.  It is meant for Abba, & I have faith, like a child that He will find my artwork to  be perfect just the way it is.