Sunrises like marbled paper

The other morning, I was setting at the gas station admiring a beautiful sunrise when I had a revelation.

Have you ever marbled paper before?  It’s such an amazing process.  An artist starts with a tub filled with a water solution.  This solution causes the water to become heavier than the colors used, which allows the colors to remain suspended at the top of the tub.  The artist will drip drops of color on to the surface of the water.  As the drops are suspended the colors can be layered.  Then, when the artist is finished with this step, he/she will pull a comb through the water causing the drops to merge, and morph into the designs that we call marbled.  Each time the comb is pulled through the water the colors swirl, and change.

As I sat there watching the sunrise, I saw the clouds shift and change across the sky.  I noticed that the effects of the sunlight on the clouds changed the display of the sunrise as the clouds changed.  I could imagine God’s hand, His fingers being drawn across the sky through the cloud formations. And just as the artist’s comb would cause the suspended colors to swirl and change to create a marbled masterpiece, God’s hand caused the suspended clouds to swirl and change creating a magnificent sunrise.


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