A New Year

As I look to the dawning new year, I find that I am  full of hope and excitement over the possibilities the year has to offer.  One of my new years resolutions for 2013 is to spend more time working with my blog.  I’ve kept a blog off & on for some time now, but I’ve never taken what I was doing very seriously.  I was just having fun figuring out the ins & outs of the blogosphere while my children were young.  Now that they are older & require less from their Momma, I’m finding that I have the time & energy to pursue blogging a bit more aggressively. For years I have been collecting inspiration & project ideas for a time when I can devote more time to my creative spirit.  Now is that time & I am excited to be sharing this with you.

A Happy New Year Postcard

I hope the coming year finds you full of inspiration and bravery

as you move forward in your own personal endeavors.



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