Valentine Truffles xoxo

IMG_0099These valentine truffles are the PERFECT gift for a fiber artist/scrapbooker/art journalist.  They are crocheted chocolate (or white chocolate) on the outside, & in center, there is a fiber surprise! There might be a few yards of silk ribbon, some antique buttons, novelty yarn. . .

On the bottom of each truffle, there is a little “tag”.  Pull on this tag until the crochet stitches begin to unravel (you may need to help it along bit to get it started). As the truffle unravels the filing is  revealed.

You can find a pattern for making these truffles here.  They would make a great party favor for a knitting circle’s valentine’s day party!

I will be offering one lucky follower this valentine’s day gift of 6 assorted truffles to say “Thanks for being apart of my knitting circle!”  For your chance to win, just click on the “follow The Fiber Nest” button on the sidebar.  The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!



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