TKGA Master Knitters Level 1: Swatches 1-3

7956973104_a65e1ed837_zAt the beginning of 2012, I decided that I wanted to test my knitting skills by enrolling in TKGA’s Masters Program for Hand Knitting.  I recruited a friend to join me & in March we both began.  She has finished the first level & passed.  I, on the other hand, have been dragging my feet to get everything I need completed.  I am about 3/4 of the way through, & I really just need to buckle down & finish it.   Maybe by writing about the program here, I will find the motivation that I need.

When I first received the program in the mail & started reading through it, I felt overwhelmed & unsure about where & how to begin.  If I hadn’t been working through the program with a friend, I would have struggled & probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it much.  Having someone to talk to about the program, & to work together made a big difference for me. There are questions that my friend & I asked each other, & we scoured the internet together for examples from others who have also worked through the program. I want to be that resource for others.  In this series I will describe what skills a knitter needs to know about & helpful resources that can be used in answering the questions. I will  share pictures of my swatches, & the feedback I receive after my swatches have been reviewed. I hope that this series will be a companion for those working through the program.

Swatches 1- 3  show that you are familiar with Long Tail Cast On, Garter, Stockinette, Seed Stitch & Ribbing, as well as, binding off in pattern.  You will need to know the difference between the right & wrong sides, be able to determine gauge, maintain consistent tension, & how to correct tensions problems.

*The articles “More Thoughts on Gauge.”  by Binka Schwan, (Cast On May-July 2010: 65-69) & “Tension Problems” by Arenda Holladay, (Cast On Feb-April 2009: 1-3) are 2 helpful resources when answering questions about these first 3 swatches.

*These articles are only available to TKGA members.


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