TKGA Master Knitters Level 1: Swatches 4-6


When I first received the program in the mail & started reading through it, I felt overwhelmed & unsure about where & how to begin.  If I hadn’t been working through the program with a friend, I would have struggled & probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it much.  Having someone to talk to about the program, & to work together made a big difference for me. There are questions that my friend & I asked each other, & we scoured the internet together for examples from others who have also worked through the program. I want to be that resource for others.  In this series I will describe what skills a knitter needs to know about & helpful resources that can be used in answering the questions. I will  share pictures of my swatches, & the feedback I receive after my swatches have been reviewed. I hope that this series will be a companion for those working through the program.

Swatches 4-6 are designed to demonstrate your knowledge of increases.  You will need to know how to increase using bar, lifted/raised, & Make 1 (M1) increases.  Knitty has a great article demonstrating how to make these increases.  You will also need to know how to evenly space increases.

When answering the questions that correspond with these swatches you will find that the following articles are a great resource.

“Evenly Spaced Increases” by Mary Forte. Cast On November 2010-January 2011: 67-69

“Single Increase Savvy” by Binka Schwan. Cast On August-September 2011: 70-71

*These articles are only available to TKGA members.


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