Yak Milk Soap

011510_M__06835.1353287610.1280.1280  Yak milk is high in fat which is needed for survival through the harsh Himalayan winters.  It is this yak milk that is used to make Yak Butter tea, and is a staple to the Tibetans’ diet.

Some of our friends on the Tibetan plateau have started using this fatty milk, along with local herbs and minerals to make handmade soap!  The result is a rich, and moisturizing bar of soap.  No synthetic ingredients are used in the production of the soap, making it a true natural soap that can be used for washing wool.

The Tibetan cooperative makes the soap in small batches using the cold process method.  Once ready, each bar is cut by hand and packaged for sale.

You can purchase some in the shop!

To learn about AmdoCraft watch the video below and visit their website.



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