Crocheted Stones

Crocheted Stones

I love crocheted stones.  I think they are beautiful, and love how they look in a a collection.  They are one of the inspirations that inspired me to do the Creating with Nature series, so you can imagine my disappointment when, I sat down to try my hand at it only to admit defeat by the end of the day.


I’ve been looking up tutorials for crocheting around stones, and chose this one from The Purl Bee.  It has very clear instructions, with a lot of photographs so it is easy for a beginner (like me) to follow.   After awhile however, I noticed that my crocheting did not look like the tutorials, so I abandoned it for another pattern.  The second one I tried, I found in the book Encyclopedia of Crochet.  I slowly worked my way through this pattern by looking up each stitch to know how they are created.  It was extremely time consuming.  I think I spent about 2 hours trying to follow this pattern stitch by stitch before I finally became stumped.  I’m sure you can relate to my frustration of trying to learn something new when I’ve already become accomplished at similar skill (knitting).  I wasn’t enjoying the project, so I admitted defeat on this one.  I’ll admire the crocheted stones that other crafters have made.


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