Silent December


I’ve been in a slump – I’m sure you’ve noticed.

It started after I finished painting a “hope” mural for the Oncology unit at a local hospital.  That was such an amazing experience for me.  I loved seeing how people interacted with my artwork, and hearing the comments that people made.  Most of all, I enjoyed seeing how the painting touch the patients.  The whole experience was very fulfilling to me.

Then came November. I spent several weeks trying to put together a collection of holiday themed paintings to display in a local coffee shop.  The more I worked at it, the more pressure I felt to get the pieces completed.  The whole process had become stressful.  I wasn’t enjoying myself, and the work I was creating was crap.  It was frustrating – so I stopped, and I put the whole idea aside.  I didn’t even finish making my Christmas cards.  Truth be told, I haven’t worked in the studio all December.

I could say that I spent the time choosing to focus on family & friends during the holiday season, but the truth is, I simply had no desire to create, and I’ve had nothing of real interest to share here. Consequently, it’s been very quite on this blog, and that is ok.  You see, I had decided awhile back that I wanted this space to be genuine and current.  I want to share what’s on my heart today.  If my heart is feeling quite, chances are, this blog will also be quiet.  I am ok with that.


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