Staying True


This spoke to my heart this morning.

Being an expressive artist, requires vulnerability.   When, I am creating, I am looking inwardly, and my art  is a reflection of what I find there.  The more I work on a piece, the  more vulnerable I feel as the reflection on the canvas comes from deeper inside my heart.  It takes bravery to share that with the world.

It is my desire to be God’s vessel.  As I reach deep inside, I want my artwork to reflect the heart of God.  Therefore, I must learn to trust.  To trust in God.  His love and inspiration will never run dry.  I need to trust that the inspiration in my heart is from Him, and I need to trust that whatever is there on the canvas will reflect God’s heart.  The painting won’t speak to everyone.  However, to the one person the message is intended for, it will scream the heart of God.

 “Stay true to you and you will end up incredibly happy”

This quote speaks to me.  It says to stay true to what I have painted. Don’t second guess my work.  Trust in it, and I will be happy.


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