Treasure Hunting

Yesterday I stopped by my favorite antique store to look for a few things I am wanting for Christmas gifts.  I found this charming Munsell watercolor set.  Each of the color pots is porcelain and are held in place with a metal holder.


After unpacking the tins contents, I found these sweet little drawings created by a child long ago. The young artist must have been quite proud of these when hiding them under the page describing the colors found in the set.



IMG_9533I am particularly smitten with the blimp.  I believe this watercolor tin to be circa 1918 or earlier.  Albert H. Munsell gave the world our color language we use today. His contributions are rich and worth taking the time to reading about.  He died in 1918.  It was then that his son renamed the company to Munsell Color Foundation.  This is also a time when the British army was using blimps in WWI, and the U.S. was just starting to build airships.

The titanic sunk in 1912.  Could the ship drawing be the Titanic?


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