Creating with nature

Over the summer I did a series of posts focused on creating with nature.  I really enjoyed looking at the creativity that had been inspired by nature.

land art 1I’d like to introduce you to an artist who has mastered the art of creating with nature.   Walter Mason is a land-artist from Germany.

land art 5

land art 4 land art 2land art 8

Click the link for more examples of Walter’s ingenious art installations.


A New Blog = A New Friend

The other night I was looking around Pintrest and I kept coming across pins from Visual Blessings.

Visual Blessings Blog Title
Valerie Sjodin profile pic., Heidi Helser PhotographyAfter browsing through the blog I was happy to have come across it.  Valerie Sjodin is an artist with a vision for art that is after my own heart.

I have been reflecting on art as a way to worship and pray for quite some time.  It’s a concept that has been rolling around my head, just kind of brewing.

When mentioning my thoughts to other people, I have found that it is an idea that many do not relate to.  So needless to say the conversations I’ve had on the topic have been few, leaving the idea to just set and brew awhile longer.  I am excited to meet another artist who is exploring art in relationship to spirituality and I look  forward to getting to know her better through her blog.

Vissual Blessings Collage

Woodcut Relief Prints

Woodcut-by-Bryan-Nash-GillArtist Bryan Nash Gill is making relief prints from the cross-sections of trees.  The results are amazing and inspirational.

tumblr_inline_mgh7mofXhT1rugvcoThe artist begins by selecting a specimen from an old mill that is located next to his studio.  The wood is then prepared for print making.   The surface of the wood is covered with ink.  A sheet of handcrafted washi paper is laid across the surface, and using a laborious rubbing technique developed by the artist himself, the texture of the wood is transferred.

His artwork is currently on display at the Chicago Botanical Garden, Chicago, Illinois



470a46c9d38ba61289b7286f304e1a04I first came across this image on the internet a year or more ago.  I was instantly inspired by it and used it as a desktop image for a long time.  It got my wheels turning, as I  thought about ways I could do something similar on our favorite beach.

a312fd478d6b21b1287bc76128e7e853It only seems fitting that I share some of this artists work with you here as I begin looking at driftwood in the Creating with Nature series.

NeSpoon_Goa_02The artist creating these art installations goes by NeSpoon and is from Warsaw, Poland. Much of her work is street art, but she also enjoys bringing her urban touch to the beach. Her work can be found all over the world.  Here is an installation she created in Goa, Indiana.


Mr. Sajid is a homeless man living on the beach in the Sinai.  Here, the two of them are working to add some art to his home.  More pictures of this installation can be found here.

I am a long time admirer, and avid scouter for street art.  I am the only person I know who actually enjoys waiting for a train to cross.  When you live in rural America surrounded by small towns, trains are the best place to find awesome street art!  Anyway, I am greatly inspired by this artist in her way of combining street art with fiber art.

4c17c28c6cdf213569a6e4ec67e862d8 05f52585d5fb57001e992ad67f54dc0d. . . and this is just awesome. . .