Color Scouting: Late Spring

flower field color scheme

Yesterday, the lighting outside was fantastic. The weather couldn’t quite make up it’s mind as to if it wanted to rain or not.  This indecision created a crisp bright sky with ominous shadows.

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What is color scouting?

Wisteria & Lilacs

wisteria-lilac ouside collage

Dream catchers are something new for me that I am really enjoying making. What I love most about them, is the combination of textures, fibers, and nature.  I love the process of gathering together all the bits and pieces of what I find inspiring at the moment, and using them to create a piece of art.  I made this 6″ dream catcher over the weekend.  It is inspired by the month of May, the scent of lilacs in the air, and blooming wisteria.


If you are interested, it is available in my shop!

Beach Stones, Driftwood, Blue Skies

weaving color wayIn my studio recently, I have found myself being drawn to raw, natural fibers that are sturdy, strong, and coarse.  My hands have been reaching for hemp, silk, and fibrous handmade papers.  Inspiration has been drawing from my beach stones, drift wood, and bright blue skies.

It’s April, my children are on Spring Break, and the weather has been warming.

In response to these early stirrings of spring, we packed up for the day and drove to my most favorite place on this Earth – the Lake!

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dunesI love coming to this place anytime of year. The summer, of coarse, is fantastic with the soft, sandy beaches, and cool water.  The cooler weather of fall makes hiking the sand dunes MUCH more enjoyable, and in the winter, there are amazing ice flows. Springtime, however, has come to surprise me.  In recent years, I have found myself spending more and more time here in the spring.  The beaches are,for the most part, empty of human beings. There is sand EVERYWHERE.  Every year, I am amazed at the amount of sand that the winter winds bring.  If you come early enough in the year, the park is almost unrecognizable and half buried in sand. It is this phenomenon that I can’t get enough of, because along with the sand comes all sorts of treasures. I could spend days combing the beach for colorful stones, driftwood, beach glass, and bones.

beach rocksAs I walk the shores, my mind just swims with ideas of things to make. “This could be an awesome necklace”, “These should be tied into a dream catcher”, “This is so straight, it could be added to a weaving”.  I collected quite a pile of colorful goodies before my kids were done.

day camp

Their hungry bellies were grumbling, and  they informed me, the beach just isn’t fun if you can not go swimming. So after 4 hrs of beach combing, we went to go hike the dunes.  I guess 4 hrs is long enough.  Although, I am secretly plotting another trip someday soon while these guys are in school. shhh!   4 hrs is not really enough for this momma.

Winter Weaving

Winter WeavingI did a little winter weaving on my portable loom. It felt good to sit down on a cold, snowy day & play with some of my stash yarns.  This little weaving was inspired by the fresh fallen snow & the Magnolia tree in our backyard.

Winter Pussy Willow

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This weaving loom can be found in my Etsy shop

>>>> warm fall colors

I was going through my stash of yarns and came across 4 skeins of this fabulous yarn from Manos del Uruguay.  I love how the colors match the trees outside my windows.  I had made a sweater with this yarn shortly after my son was born over 7 years ago. I wore the sweater a few times before my sweet husband placed it in the drier while helping me with the laundry.  Of coarse it felted, so I passed it on to a good (much smaller than me) friend.  It became her favorite sweater that was well loved & I was happy to have given it to her.  I hear this yarn calling to me again.

gathering of 5 medals

This weekend was one of our favorite events of the year, the gathering of 5 medals. It’s a historical reenactment of the colonial period that changes from year to year. This year we found more people working with fibers than in the past.

spinning with a drop spindle
twining a bag
dying with natural dyes
dye stuff


I found the natural dyes to be the most interesting as it is an area I would like learn more about.

A great article I found on the topic can be read here.

Sunrises like marbled paper

The other morning, I was setting at the gas station admiring a beautiful sunrise when I had a revelation.

Have you ever marbled paper before?  It’s such an amazing process.  An artist starts with a tub filled with a water solution.  This solution causes the water to become heavier than the colors used, which allows the colors to remain suspended at the top of the tub.  The artist will drip drops of color on to the surface of the water.  As the drops are suspended the colors can be layered.  Then, when the artist is finished with this step, he/she will pull a comb through the water causing the drops to merge, and morph into the designs that we call marbled.  Each time the comb is pulled through the water the colors swirl, and change.

As I sat there watching the sunrise, I saw the clouds shift and change across the sky.  I noticed that the effects of the sunlight on the clouds changed the display of the sunrise as the clouds changed.  I could imagine God’s hand, His fingers being drawn across the sky through the cloud formations. And just as the artist’s comb would cause the suspended colors to swirl and change to create a marbled masterpiece, God’s hand caused the suspended clouds to swirl and change creating a magnificent sunrise.

nature + fiber art = seasonal inspiration

>>>> I came across this beautiful installment this past spring and was inspired to do more outdoors knitting this summer.  I didn’t get as much of it done as I had hope. The summer seems to have gotten away from me as it always does. I get to this point in the year and panic.  I realize autumn is upon us and I still have a list of summer activities yet to do.  This summer, I couldn’t get enough time at the beach! I am still hoping to get at least one more trip in before the weather turns chilly.

I did get some knitting in this summer, and on our last trip I found this lovely drift wood!  I have some ideas brewing for next summer, or maybe this autumn yet.  I make a vow to myself to slow down, empty my date book, and enjoy the coming season.

>>>> Happy Labor Day my friend! <<<<

Color Scouting: Winter Rainbow

winter rainbow
As a result of the “polar vortex” that has been effecting most of America, my region has had extreme, arctic-like temperatures. It has caused all kinds of inconveniences, shutting down entire cities in a declaration of emergency. However, it has also shared with us a winter-time beauty that we have not experienced before in this part of the world.

What is color scouting?