My favorite room in the house

Over the past 11 years, I have moved my art studio to 6 different spots in our home. I’ve worked in the basement, in the kitchen, in a bedroom & in our sitting room to name a few of these spots.  They all have worked for a short time, but after a couple of creative sessions, the charm wears off and I realize the lighting is terrible, or I have to clean up so we can use the table for dinner. The bottom line is none of the spaces have felt right for creating.

Then, one day I looked over at our front room and saw that it wasn’t being used.  In fact, it had been awhile since we really used that room.  So I decided to move in.  I pushed the couch out of the way, cleared off some shelves, and brought in my drafting table.
drafting tableIt was a perfect fit.  I’ve been working out of this studio now for a few months, and I love it.

Studio 2

This room receives sunlight from 2 large pictures windows on either side of the house.  The lighting in here is great all day long, and the huge shelving unit provides plenty of storage space.

studio 1

studio storage Studio shelves

The best parts about working in the front room is that it’s centrally located to the rest of the house. So, when I’m working on artwork, I’m not off in a secluded part of the house away from my family.  I can easily take a break to engage in a conversation and jump right back into my work.  Plus there is plenty of room to share!

kids painting


Creating Change: Inside Out Project

I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world… INSIDE OUT.

— JR

Creating Change, is a series of posts featuring artists who are using art as a medium to make a positive impact in our world.

The desire of my heart

It is every artist’s dream to be able to do something meaningful with their art, and I am no different.

hope sketchIf you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that I have been searching for some purpose and meaning to my artwork.

In the last year, my art has become a form of worship for me as I seek God in my creating.  It has become the desire of my heart that other people will be able to connect with my art and see the heart of God.  God has given me this desire of my heart.

A few weeks ago, I shared a couple posts with you about hope. (here & here)

I had been asked to design and paint a mural for the oncology unit of the hospital.  The only requirement was that the painting inspire hope.

I started painting last week.

The opportunity is amazing!  Many people come by daily to see the progress, and I’ve heard all kinds of positive comments!  My best experience painting at the hospital happened yesterday when I could hear an old man grumbling about how much farther he had to walk to get to his room.  The nurse and therapist were trying to get him up to get some exercise.  I heard the therapist say ” your room is just up here.  You can do it. You’re doing a great job.”  Then the little group came around the corner and this patient saw the mural I was working.  Suddenly, he was bright & witty with comments.  For the moment while he paused to chat with me, he was no longer in a hurry to return to his bed feeling tired and achy.

The director wants to create a gallery of murals that will encourage patients to get out and walk around the halls to see them.  I don’t know how many murals that will be in the end, but so far the response has been amazing.
Just a month ago, I was praying that God would use my hands as his own to create art that penetrates peoples hearts.   Now here I am painting God inspired murals to encourage cancer patients.  I feel blessed, and incredibly honored to have this opportunity!

hopeat St. Joseph Medical Center, 6-garden

Creating with nature

Over the summer I did a series of posts focused on creating with nature.  I really enjoyed looking at the creativity that had been inspired by nature.

land art 1I’d like to introduce you to an artist who has mastered the art of creating with nature.   Walter Mason is a land-artist from Germany.

land art 5

land art 4 land art 2land art 8

Click the link for more examples of Walter’s ingenious art installations.

Woodcut Relief Prints

Woodcut-by-Bryan-Nash-GillArtist Bryan Nash Gill is making relief prints from the cross-sections of trees.  The results are amazing and inspirational.

tumblr_inline_mgh7mofXhT1rugvcoThe artist begins by selecting a specimen from an old mill that is located next to his studio.  The wood is then prepared for print making.   The surface of the wood is covered with ink.  A sheet of handcrafted washi paper is laid across the surface, and using a laborious rubbing technique developed by the artist himself, the texture of the wood is transferred.

His artwork is currently on display at the Chicago Botanical Garden, Chicago, Illinois