My favorite room in the house

Over the past 11 years, I have moved my art studio to 6 different spots in our home. I’ve worked in the basement, in the kitchen, in a bedroom & in our sitting room to name a few of these spots.  They all have worked for a short time, but after a couple of creative sessions, the charm wears off and I realize the lighting is terrible, or I have to clean up so we can use the table for dinner. The bottom line is none of the spaces have felt right for creating.

Then, one day I looked over at our front room and saw that it wasn’t being used.  In fact, it had been awhile since we really used that room.  So I decided to move in.  I pushed the couch out of the way, cleared off some shelves, and brought in my drafting table.
drafting tableIt was a perfect fit.  I’ve been working out of this studio now for a few months, and I love it.

Studio 2

This room receives sunlight from 2 large pictures windows on either side of the house.  The lighting in here is great all day long, and the huge shelving unit provides plenty of storage space.

studio 1

studio storage Studio shelves

The best parts about working in the front room is that it’s centrally located to the rest of the house. So, when I’m working on artwork, I’m not off in a secluded part of the house away from my family.  I can easily take a break to engage in a conversation and jump right back into my work.  Plus there is plenty of room to share!

kids painting


2 thoughts on “My favorite room in the house”

  1. I like it when people appreciate every little thing in their life, for its those little things that make up big things!!
    Congrats that you finally got what you were looking for.


    P.S. The picture in this post really moved me. Its pleasing!

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