Christmas List

Over the years, and especially since working with The Rocking Yak, I’ve become increasingly intentional with my purchases.  Even more so in this last year as my desire to simplify and travel has become more pressing in my life. This holiday season has found our family craving more shared moments and adventures over things. Even so, there are a few items that have found their way onto my Christmas list this year.

2014 Christmas list paint 2.apron 3.blanket 4.plant dyed watercolor paints 5.gourd speaker 6.iphone case 7.messenger bag 8.woven bag


Knitting is a Love Language

When my husband & I were getting married, we read Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages.  We were young and the wisdom we gained from reading this together was priceless.  As the title implies, the book explains that there are 5 love languages.  They are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.  However, I believe that there is a sixth love language, KNITTING!

IMG_0122Ask any knitter/crocheter how many items they have created for themselves, and they will most likely give a modest number of items.  I  have made 4 thing for myself.  Now, ask a knitter/crocheter how many items they have made for other people and you likely hear a much larger number.  I can’t even tell you how many things I’ve knitted for other people.  I stopped counting a long time ago.  Why is this? Because, knitting is a love language!

Now, according to Gary Chapman, my love language falls under acts of service & gift giving.  So, when I want to express my love and appreciation for someone, my most natural response is to knit something for them.  As I spend my time crafting each stitch, my heart & mind are pulled toward that person.  I pray for health and I pray for safety.  I pray for blessing and joy.  The piece I create becomes my prayer and it is my gift to the one I love.

What is your love language?

great gifts for knitters

1. Circular Needle Holder by Sevenannine

2. Row/Stitch Markers by Scarletfoxfibers

3. Silver Knit Ring by Aimeepawluk

4. Yarn Sewing Needles by Lesliewind

5. Vintage Figurine by Northwestnesters

6. Large Knitting Bag by Simplesmiles

7. Knit Notes by Papersheep

8. Knit Mug by Finnish Design Shop

9. Handspun Yak Yarn by The Rocking Yak

10. Knitting Needles by Joe’s Fiber Tools

11. Knitting Needle Bracelet by Sewnewthings

12. “Because I Love You” Tags by Lonelytreedesign

a handmade holiday

Today I was inspired by the words of Elizabeth over at The Sitting Tree as she shared with her readers the reasons why she has chosen to live a handmade life. She wrote:

“I know we each have our own individual, deep seeded reasons why we buy handmade gifts each year, but I wanted to share what has inspired us to live a handmade life….

*I live a handmade life, because… I have to create.  Like I have to breathe.  Or eat.  To survive.  When you purchase handmade from us or someone else, you’re allowing an artist to carry on.  To nourish the soul.  To find joy.  Achieve dreams.  

*I live a handmade life, because… I know exactly where my money is going.  No middle men.  No giant corporations.  Just people trying to make a difference in the world.  To real families, like us, who are paying the bills, putting food on the table, and reaching goals.  

* I live a handmade life, because… I believe in quality over quantity.  Purchasing high quality, well made items, means they will last for years, sometimes even a lifetime.  Attention, detail, and a lot of love is infused into each item that passes through our hands.  

* I live a handmade life, because… I want art to be unique and original.  I love that when I wear one of my husband’s Tree Branch Necklaces, I know I’m never going to see anyone else wearing it.

*  I live a handmade life, because… I care about the environmental impact of mass produced goods on our earth.  From manufacturing, transporting, and disposal; the destruction is astronomical.  All our items are either made of recycled materials or are organic material and can be composted back into the earth.

* I live a handmade life, because… I value connection.  Through this blog and our shop we’ve met folks from all over the world.  Becoming a part of each other’s lives, in some small, significant way is one of my favorite parts of living handmade. “

My husband & I chose to have handmade holidays when our children were born. We love the traditions that we have made with our kids involving them in making gifts for others. This year will be our first year having an entirely handmade Christmas.  I have already enjoyed the challenge of finding gift ideas big & small that I can make to give away. I’ll be sharing some of these ideas over the upcoming weeks.

How have your holidays been handmade?