roller skating party

I have a lot of fond memories from roller skating.  Growing up, I loved roller skating parties.  My school would have a party every quarter.  They were great! The girls would all gather in the center of the rink and take turns locking hands to spin.  Then, when it was the boys only skate, we would all line up along the wall with our hands out for the boys to high 5.

When we became too old for school roller skating parties, we took to skating on the street with roller blades.

It was at a roller rink when I first discovered that my husband “liked” me. He surprisingly took my hand while I was on the sideline and pulled me off to skate a couples skate. I was 18 & he was 21.

I didn’t skate much after that. We got married, my husband began his career, and eventually we started a family. I hadn’t given roller skating a second thought until our kids began going to school had their first skating party.  The first time they went , I noticed how everything was the same. The racks of skates with bright orange laces, the slick wood floor.  The flashing colored lights. Of coarse, it was mostly me picking the kids up off the floor.  I  had offered them my help to regain their balance, but I too felt awkward being on wheels.  I quickly got the hang of it, getting my skating legs back, & they quickly improved. Neither of them need much help now, so last week when we went to the first party of the year, I was able to sit back and watch them create their own roller skating memories. They looked so cute, all bent over with their arms stretched out in an effort to keep balance as they skate.

As we were getting ready to leave, glow stick necklaces in hand, I remembered how when I was kid, we all wanted to have those huge pom-poms tied onto the toes of our skates. I looked around.  There wasn’t a single pom-pom in the building! This can’t be, so I decided that before the next school skating party, the kids & I are going to make some huge pom-poms.

You can find a great tutorial for making pom-poms here.  Just remember, the larger you want your pom-pom the wider you need to spread fingers.  It’s also a lot of fun to attach bells!


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