Weaving Home


I have been enjoying reading Spirit Cloth, the blog of fiber artist Jude Hill for some time now. Last week she wrote a blog post that spoke to me.
She wrote:

I did this small weaving , maybe , well, too many years ago to remember.   And it was a little cloth  made to be what I imagined home to be like…  some place out in the middle of no where. Some where,  where living a simple life and breathing clean air and growing food would just be the way it  is.    I gave it to Mom and Dad long ago, because they imagined that too.  Although they never  really got there.   They made the place they lived in as close to it as possible.  Built a life on a dream.  That worked for them.

I live in a nice place, but I know I will leave.   Mostly about the cost of living but also other things too.   I am thinking of  doing a series of little tapestries  depicting this place.   Keepers of the  sense of it.   Before I go.   I still have a lot of bits of hand dyed wool.   Going grows closer.   I figure,  if I live long enough, maybe  a few more of these with a sense of  where I  end up might be nice as well.    Because  weaving has a bit of home  built into it  for me.   And  weaving yourself into a place really  says a lot about  Home .   Woven right in,  Unraveling,  Reweaving.   Holding together in the most basic way.    I hope that when I go, I will have sheep.   Or find  them nearby.  That would work out real fine.


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