Psalm 55:22

Cast thy burden sketchbook

I created this piece after coming through a difficult period in my life. During that time I had stuffed a lot of emotion inside my heart. A year later I was still carrying the weight of all this built up emotion. It felt compressed, and packed down leaving me no room for any new emotion positive or negative. In praying about this I was reminded of the scripture Psalm 55:22 that says “Cast thy burdens upon the Lord and He will sustained you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” As I spent some time meditating on this, working through all the old emotion that was stuffed down inside me, I could feel my heart becoming lighter. As I cast my burdens upon the Lord, I sensed them fluttering away like birds. This a reflection of that experience.




2 thoughts on “Psalm 55:22”

  1. First, let me say thank you for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable and honest. It is refreshing and beautiful. It takes passion, courage and unwavering faith to share not only what you are going through but also that even though you don’t have all the answers you know God is using you to help others. I can appreciate your viewpoint. I went through some terrible dark times in my life trying to deal with abuse, depression, perfectionism and self-esteem issues. I attempted to bury my emotions but it only made things worse. One night when I was at the end of my rope, God showed me His love and gave me a gift to write poetry. It helped keep me sane and I realized that if it could could heal me it could heal others as well. I published my first poetry book called "Glory, Grace and Gratitude" and it has helped many others. I appreciate others who use their talents to heal and have the bravery to share their beautiful brokenness. God bless you.-Jessica O’Connell

    1. Jessica – Thank you for your kind words & sharing your heart here on my blog. Your comment has been a blessing.

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